Craftsmanship in Sutter Creek

Can you imagine a barn in Sutter Creek full of antiques that feature craftsmanship from a time forgotten. Simple stained glass designs, engraved wood, arched frames, and other designs most only see in magazines. If you stop by O’Neill’s Antiques In Sutter Creek, you might find yourself standing in front of your dream piece. The armoire, dresser, or table you design the rest of your space around.

So much of today’s construction is convenient, fast, light, and cheap. Even if your just curious what quality craftsmanship looks like, making a trip into the barn is worth your time here in Sutter Creek.

Lofty Progress Being Made on Sutter Creek Main Street

You know you’re making progress cleaning and organizing a barn full of gorgeous antiques when you start seeing the light literally come in the windows and floor space starts giving way as a plan starts coming together. Mike O’Neill has decided to open the doors on the Sutter Creek, Main Street barn this Summer and there is a lot to get done!

Dozen of chairs from all over the world are now hung on the beams of the antique barn they support. Armoires and tables are getting situated and a whole lot of doors, windows, and shutters are being corralled.

Old Antique Store waiting for a New Opening in Sutter Creek this Summer.

O’Neill’s Antiques is getting the dusting off it’s been waiting for. Inside the barn of treasures, you will be able to find the gems from Ireland, historic pieces literally pulled from local buildings, and some new reclaimed goods with a fresh coat of life given to them. You may see busy bees hustling around the old red, green, and partly tin barn on Main Street, Sutter Creek this Spring. We can’t wait to get her all gussied up for a Grand Opening this Summer! More details to come, but follow O’Neill’s Antiques on the social channels to keep up with the fun!